Classification and use of iron powder

In theory, all containing iron or iron compounds can be called iron ore, but industrially or commercially, and iron ore is not only to contain the ingredients of iron and must have a value line.


Iron are compounds found in nature, particularly in State of iron oxide content is particularly high. Now to several important iron ore Description:

(1) the magnetite ore (MagnetITe) is an iron ore, the main ingredient is Fe3O4, Fe2O3, FeO is complex, with dark gray, around 5.15, including Fe72.4%,O 27.6%, magnetic. In mineral processing (Beneficiation) can use magnetic separation, which is very convenient, but because of its fine structure, it is less restored. After a long weathering that Hematite.

(2) the Hematite ore (Hematite) is also an iron ore, the main ingredient is Fe2O3, dark red, the proportion of approximately 5.26, Fe70%,O 30%, is the main ore of iron. By its own structural condition can be subdivided into many different categories, such as red Hematite (Red Hematite), specularite (SPEcularhematite), micaceous iron oxide (Micaceous Hematite) iron, clay red (Red Ocher).

(3), limonite (Limonite) this is the hydroxide of iron ore. It is the iron (Goethite) Squamous cell HFeO2 and iron ore (LepidoCRocite) FeO (OH) ore called two different structures, was also written chemical formula mFe2O3 it is the main ingredient. NH2O, Desert Tan or Brown, Fe 62%,O 27%,H2O about 11%, about 3.6~4.0, mostly with other iron ore.

(4) the siderite (Siderite) contain carbonate of iron ore, the main ingredients for FeCO3, livid, the proportion is about 3.8. The ores mostly contain considerable amounts of calcium and magnesium salts. Due to carbonate in high temperature about 800~900℃ will absorb a lot of heat and give off carbon dioxide, so most of us first joined after roasting this ore blast furnace.

(5) the iron silicate mineral (Silicate Iron) is a compound of such ores, not some chemical formulas and ingredients vary, usually dark green, around 3.8 per cent, iron-containing ingredient is very low, is a poor iron ore.

(6) the iron sulfide (Sulphide iron) that ore contains FeS2, with Fe content of only 46.6% s 53.4%. Gray yellow, the proportion is about 4.95~5.10. Due to this ore often contains many other more precious of metal as copper (CoPPer), and nickel (Nickel), and zinc (Zinc), and gold (Gold), and silver (Silver),, so often was as he species metal smelting industrial of raw materials; and due to it contains large of sulfur, so often was used to obtained sulfur, iron instead into has by-product, so actually has cannot called iron ore carry.