Ferrovanadium Powder

Ferrovanadium Powder
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Vanadium iron: obtained by reduction of iron and titanium master alloys (iron-vanadium binary alloy), the vanadium content of not less than 35.0% (by weight), not more than 85.0% (by weight). Vanadium and vanadium as the periodic table of elements in one, atomic number 23, atomic weight of 50.942, a melting point of 1887 degrees, the boiling point of 3337 degrees of pure vanadium rendered shiny white, hard, body-centered perspective mechanism. Approximately 80% of vanadium and iron together as alloying element in steel. Vanadium steel is very hard solid, but generally less than 1% of its vanadium content.

Powder characteristics: the composition of the alloy of vanadium and iron, can significantly improve the hardness, strength, durability and ductility of steel to improve machinability of steel.

Powder Colour: dark gray

Powder shape: irregular