Ferrosilicon Powder

Ferrosilicon Powder
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Alloy of iron and silicon, and then through the ground into powdery substance, used in steelmaking, ironmaking deoxidizer, may be used as raw material for hydrogen.


(1) used as a deoxidizer and alloying agent in the steel industry. In order to obtain qualified steel chemical composition of steel and quality assurance, in the final stages of steelmaking must be oxygen, silicon and oxygen chemical affinity between the large and therefore ferrosilicon strong deoxidizer in steel for precipitation and diffusion deoxidation. Add a certain amount of silicon in the steel, can significantly improve the strength of steel, the hardness and elasticity, thus smelting structural steel (silicon 0.40-1.75%), tool steel (including SiO.30-1.8%), spring steel ( containing SiO.40-2.8%) and transformer silicon steel (silicon 2.81-4.8%), it also put ferrosilicon as an alloying agent.

Further, in the steel industry, the use of ferrosilicon powder burn at high temperatures can release a lot of heat ene this feature, often used as a heating agent cap ingot ingot to improve the quality and recovery.

(2) used and the ball inoculant agent in the iron industry. Cast iron is an important modern industrial metal material, it is cheaper than steel, easily melt refining, with excellent casting performance and much better than steel seismic capacity. In particular ductile iron, its mechanical properties at or near the mechanical properties of the steel. Adding a certain amount of ferrosilicon in cast iron can prevent the formation of iron carbide and promote the precipitation of graphite and ball, and thus in production of ductile iron, ferrosilicon is an important inoculant (help precipitate graphite) and Nodulizer .

(3) ferroalloy production as a reducing agent. Not only silicon and oxygen chemical affinity between large and high silicon ferrosilicon very low carbon content of. Therefore, high-silicon ferrosilicon (or silicon alloy) is more commonly used when the production of low-carbon ferroalloy ferroalloy industry of a reducing agent.

Pyrometallurgical process (4) 75 # ferrosilicon in Pidgeon magnesium metal magnesium often used, the CaO.MgO magnesium displace, each ton of metal magnesium is necessary to consume about 1.2 tons of ferrosilicon, magnesium metal production plays a big role.

(5) use in other areas. Pulverized or atomized ferrosilicon powder treated in the mineral processing industry as a suspended phase. In the electrode manufacturing can be used as electrode coatings. High silicon ferrosilicon in the chemical industry can be used in the manufacture of silicone products.

In these applications, the steel industry, foundry industry and ferroalloy industry is the largest user of ferrosilicon. Which together consume about 90% of ferrosilicon. In various grades of ferrosilicon, currently the most widely used is 75% ferrosilicon. In the steel industry, each producing 1t steel consumes about 3-5kg75% ferrosilicon.