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Consisting of molybdenum and iron alloy, typically containing 50 to 60% molybdenum, an alloy used in steel-making additives. 1 is a molybdenum iron molybdenum and iron alloys. Its main use is in steelmaking as molybdenum added agent. Steel added molybdenum steel can have a uniform fine grain structure, and improve the steel hardenability, helping to eliminate temper brittleness. High-speed steel, molybdenum and tungsten can replace a part. Molybdenum alloying elements fit together with other widely used in the production of stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, acid-resistant steel and tool steel, and alloys with special physical properties. Molybdenum can be added to increase its strength and wear resistance in cast iron.

Ferromolybdenum useļ¼š

Ferromolybdenum largest application that based on the molybdenum content and scope of different, ferroalloy production, it is suitable for machine tools and equipment, military equipment, refinery tubing, load-bearing parts and rotary drills. Ferro Molybdenum is also used in cars, trucks, locomotives, ships and so on. In addition, Ferro Molybdenum is used in stainless steel and heat-resistant synthetic fuel and chemical plants, heat exchangers, generators, oil refining equipment, pumps, turbines, ship propellers, plastics and acids, storage containers employ steel. Tool steel with a high percentage of molybdenum in the Iron Range, for high-speed machining parts, cold work tools, drill bits, screwdrivers, dies, chisels, heavy castings, ball and rolling mills, rolls, cylinder, piston rings and large drill bits.