Ferromanganese Powder

Ferromanganese Powder
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1. Ferromanganese alloy is widely used in steel making as deoxidizing agent. 

2. Performan well in desulfurizing and decreasing the harmfulness of sulfur. Thus 

it is often applied in steel making and iron casting.

3.Also used as alloying constituent in alloy steel production, such as structural steel,tool steel, stainless and heat-resistant steel and abrasion-resistant steel.

4.Ferro Manganese is an alloy of Iron and manganese, with manganese between 65.0%~90.0%, as deoxidizer and alloying element additive. Divided into furnace ferromanganese and blast furnace ferromanganese.

5.Main categories: high carbon ferromanganese (carbon 7%), medium carbon ferromanganese 

(carbon 1.0~1.5%), low carbon ferromanganese (0.5% carbon), metal manganese, Spiegel, Silicon-manganese alloy.

6.International general standard for carbon ferromanganese containing mananese with 75 ~ 80%. To adapt to 

theconditions of low grade raw ore, China provides manganese lower grades (furnace ferromanganese 

manganese containing more than 65%, blast furnace ferromanganese manganese containing more than 50%).